The Order Americans of Armorial Ancestry




Approved Arms

Please note that this list is comprised of numerous resources, including the approved arms of the Order of Americans of Armorial Ancestry, and the NEHGS Committee on Heraldry.  Keep in mind that some of the arms listed here might not be approved for OAAA membership, although the arms themselves may have been approved by some other heraldic entity . If in doubt, consultation with a certified genealogist is highly recommended..





A Knightbridge                        Jessie Mary Gren wife of Axel Henry Gren
Abell                                        Robert
Abercrombie                            John Joseph
Abney                                      Dannett
Adams                                     Daniel,of Great Egg Harbor, NJ- descendants
Adams                                     Henry
Adams                                     Rev. Arthur
Agassiz                                    Jean Louis Rodolphe
Alcock                                     George
Alexander                                James
Allerton                                   Isaac
Allyn                                       Matthew                
Alsop                                      Elizabeth
Alsop                                      Timothy, George, brothers
Alston                                     John
Amherst                                  Lord Jeffrey
Anathrobus                             Lawrence
Andros                                    Sir Edmund
Antrobus                                 Joan
Appleton                                 Samuel
Apsley                                    Alice daughter of Sir Edward
Archer-Shee                            Richard Martin
Arden                                      Edward Cooper
Armstrong                               David Hunt-descendants of
Armstrong                               William Robert
Asfordby                                 William
Assheton                                 Robert
Aston                                       Lieutenant Colonel Walter
Atherton                                  Humphrey
Avery                                      Dr. William
Bacon                                      Nathaniel
Bainton                                   Anne
Balch                                       John
Bancroft                                  John
Barclay                                    Thomas
Barclay of that Ilk                   Theodore Bruce
Barclay-Allardice                     David Stuart
Baldlwin                                  Sylvester, father; Richard, son  
Barham                                    Captain Charles
Baring-Gould                           Edward Drake
Barlowe                                   Henry
Barrett                                     Margaret
Barrington                               William Leadbeater
Bartenbach                              Christian
Barthe                                     Pierre
Barton                                     Rev. Thomas
Baskerville                              John
Bate[s]                                    James, Clement, brothers
Bathhurst of Lechlade             Sir Francis
Batte                                       Henry, William, John, brothers
Baynard                                  John
Beale                                       Colonel Thomas
Beall                                        Ninian
Beatty                                     Rev. Charles Clinton
Beckwith                                 George
Beckwith                                 Henry Lyman Parsons
Beeckman                               Wilhelmus
Belcher                                    Edward
Belding                                    Richard
Bellingham                              Richard
Bellingsley                              Francis
Belville                                    Essex, Sr.
Bennett                                   Gov. Richard
Benson                                    Joseph Crewdson
Bergman                                 Abraham-descendants of
Berkeley                                 Narbonne
Bernard                                   Colonel William
Bernard                                   Francis
Bernon                                    Gabriel
Beverley                                  Major Robert
Beville                                     Essex 
Bewley                                    William
Bickley                                    Joseph
Billingsley                               five sons of John and Agatha of Shopshire
Billingsley                               Francis I
Bissell                                     John
Blackwell                                John
Blake                                       Benjamin
Blake                                       William
Blakiston                                 George
Bland                                       Theodorick
Blankiston                               George
Blennerhassett                        Harmon
Blount                                     James
Blunston                                  John
Bogardus                                 Rev. Evererdus
Bohun                                      Edmund
Bolles                                      Joseph
Bolling                                     Robert
Bonaparte                               Jerome Napolean
Bonython                                 Richard
Borland                                   John
Bosanquet                               Louis Percival
Boteler/Butler                         Elizabeth
Bounty                                    James
Bourchier                                Mary, wife of Jabez Whitaker of Jamestowne
Bowden                                   Hugh
Bowditch                                 William
Bowen                                     Griffith
Bowes                                     Nicholas
Boyd                                        Frederick Tilghman
Bracey                                     John
Bracey                                     Thomas
Bradbury                                 Thomas
Bradstreet                               Gov. Simon
Brashears/ de Brassieur          Benjamin (Benois)
Brent                                       William  
Brenton                                   Jahleel
Brenton                                   Samuel
Brewer                                     John
Brewster                                  John 
Bridger                                     John
Briggs                                       Lloyd Cabot
Bright                                      Henry
Brine                                        Philip Arthur Sherard
Brinley                                     Anne
Brinley                                     Francis
Brisbin                                     James Richard Harrington
Brisbin                                     John Francis
Brodnax                                   William
Bromfield                                Edward
Brook[e]                                  Major Robert
Broughton                               Thomas
Browne                                    John
Browne                                    Nathaniel
Browne                                    Edward
Brownell                                  Thomas
Bruce                                       James
Bruce                                       William
Bruen                                       Obadiah
Bryan                                       Leslie Aulle
Buek                                        Hermann
Bulkeley                                  Rev. Peter
Bull                                          James Hunter-descendants of
Bull                                          Stephen, Burnaby, brothers
Burt of Birthwayt                    Sir Charles
Burnet                                     William
Burroughs                                Rev. George
Butler                                       Pierce
Byfield                                     Nathaniel
Byrd                                         William I
Calder                                       Philip Raymond
Calthrop                                   Christopher
Calvert                                      Gov. Leonard
Cammock                                 Thomas
Campbell                                  Colin
Campbell                                  John, 4th Earl of Loudoun
Campbell                                  Lord William, Gov. of SC
Car[e]y                                     Miles
Carey                                       John
Carpenter                                 William
Carr                                          Caleb
Carr                                          Gov. William
Carr                                          Robert
Carroll                                      Charles
Carter                                       Robert
Carteret                                    Sir George
Carver                                      Clifford Nickels
Cary                                         James and his nephew Colonel Miles
Caulfield                                  Alexander Theophilus
Cayne/Keayne                         Benjamin
Champernowne                       Francis
Chandler                                  John, Thomas
Chatfield                                  George, Francis, Thomas, brothers
Chaunc[e]y                              Rev. Charles
Chermside                               Walter Frederick
Chester                                    John
Chester                                    Leonard
Chetwood                               Grace, second wife of Rev. Peter Bulkeley
Chew                                      John
Chunn                                     John
Chute                                      Lionel
Claggett                                  Thomas
Clarke                                     Gov. Jeremy (Jeremiah)
Clarke                                     John
Clarkson                                 Matthew
Claypoole                               James
Clement[s]                              Robert
Clinton                                    Colonel Charles
Clinton                                    Susan, Arabella, daus of Thomas, Earl of Clinton          
Clopton                                   William
Coats                                       Alfred Mainwaring
Cocke                                      William
Codd                                        Colonel St. Ledger
Coddington                             William
Coe                                          Robert
Cogan                                      Elizabeth
Coggeshall                               Gov. John
Cogswell                                 John
Cole                                        Jane
Cole                                        William
Colepeper                               Thomas
Collett                                     John
Combes                                   John
Conant                                    Gov. Roger
Conant                                    Richard
Conney                                   John
Conquest                                 Lewis
Conway                                  Edwin
Cooke                                     Elizabeth
Cooke                                     George, Joseph, brothers
Cooke                                      Robert-descendants
Coolidge                                  John
Coote                                      Sir Richard
Cope                                       Edward
Cope                                       Oliver
Corbin                                     Henry
Cornette                                  Louis
Cornwallis                              Thomas
Cosby                                     Charles   
Cotton                                    Rev. John
Coventry                                Captain William, Jr.
Coxe                                       Dr. Daniel
Coytmore                                Thomas, and Elizabeth his sister
Cranston                                  John
Cranston                                  Samuel
John                                         Crawford
Crispin                                     Rear Admiral William
Crispin                                     Silas
Croker                                      Richard Welsted
Cronlund                                  Ernst Magnus
Crooke                                     Thomas Lindsay
Crosby                                     William Bedlow-descendants of
Crossman                                 Robert
Crowne                                    William
Cuming of Culter                     Sir Alexander
Cumming                                  William
Cunynham                               Mary
Curtis                                       John
Curwen                                    Captain George
d’Abbadie                                Jean Vincent
Dade                                         Francis, alias Major John Smith  of Westmoreland Co., VA
Dakin                                       family of Arthur Hazard Dakin
Dale                                         Major Edward
Dallett                                     Francis James
Daniel de Pernay                     Honorine Julia Elisabeth
d’Anterroches                         Joseph Louis
Daubeny                                  Lloyd
Davenport                               Rev. John
Davie                                       Humphrey
Davies                                     John Herring
de Bruyn                                  Francois
de Carpentier                          Maria, wife of Jean Paul Jaquet
de Courcy                                Miles/Michael
de Forest                                 Isaac
de Forest                                 Jesse de Forest-descendants
de Goesbriand                         The Most Rev. Louis Joseph Mary Theodore
de Grasse                                children of Comte de Grasse
de Iturbide                              Agustin Jeronimo
de Jongh                                  Wyntje Ariens
de Lannoye                              Philippe
de Noailles                              Vicomte Louis Marie
de Peyster                               Johannes
de poyen de St. Saveur            Joseph Rochemont
de Rapelye                              Joris Jansen
de Riemer                                Isaac Allert
de Sille                                     Nicasius
Deane                                      John
Deane                                      Walter
DeBlois                                   Stephen
Deighton                                 Jane, Francis, sisters
Delafield                                  John-descendants
Delano                                     Philip
Delfau                                     Jean Joseph
Denis de Keredern                  Philippe Regis, Baron
Denison                                  George
Denne                                     John
Dent                                       Thomas
Deodate/Diodati                     William
dePuy/duPuis                         Nicholas
d’Erneville de Launay             Marie, wife of Jean-Baptiste
Dickson                                  Charles Alexander Donaldson
Digges                                     Edward
Dighton/Deighton                   Frances
Dimmock                                Thomas
Dinwiddie                                Robert
Dixon                                      Anne-wife of Ralph Allison
Dixwell                                   John
Dobbs                                    Arthur
Dodge                                    Tristam
Doggett                                  Benjamin
Donnell                                  James Donnell-descendants of
Dormer                                   Fleetwood
Dorsey                                    Edward
Douglass                                Rev. Hiram Kennedy
Downing                                Emanuel
Drake                                     John
Drake                                     Robert
du Bois                                  Louis
du Chastel/Casteel de Blangerval     Captain Edmond
du Pont de Namours               Pierre Samuel
Dudley                                    Edward
Dudley                                    Gov. Thomas
Dumaresq                                Philip
Dummer                                  Richard, Thomas, Stephen, brothers
DuMont                                 Julius William Herman

Duncan                                    Alexander
Dunch                                      Deborah, Lady Moody
Dungan                                    Frances
Dungan/Dongan                      Colonel Thomas
DuPont de Nemours               Pierre Samuel
Duvall                                     Maureen
Duvernoy                               Rose Ottilie
Earle                                        John, father; Ralph, son
Eden                                        Sir Robert
Edgecomb                               John
Eisenhower                             General Dwight David
Elliot                                       Andrew
Ellis                                         Rowland
Elwyn                                     Sarah-wife of Michael Metcalf
Ely                                          Joshua
Emerson                                 Thomas
Endicott                                  Elizabeth
Endicott                                  Gov. John
Epes                                        William
Errington                                 Gerrard
Errington                                 Abraham
Erskine                                    Henry
Evelyn                                     George
Even                                        Joseph, his first cousin Adam, and his   sisters Margaret,  Katherine
Everard                                    Judith-sister of Samuel Appleton
Everard                                    Sir Richard
Fagan                                      Nicholas Fitzmaurice
Fairbanks                                Jonathan
Fairfax                                     William, and his first cousin Thomas
Falley                                      Richard
Faneuil                                    Andrew, Benjamin, brothers
Farley                                      James Parke Farley
Farmer                                     Jasper, Edward
Farrar                                      William I
Faulkner                                  Edmund
Fauntleroy                              Colonel Moore
Fawknor                                  Edmond|
Feake                                       Robert
Felton                                      Nathaniel
Fenwick                                   John
Ferrers                                     John
Field                                        John, Robert, Benjamin
Field                                        Zechariah
Figi/Figgie                               Andreas
Filmer                                     Major Henry
Fisher                                      John 
Fisk[e]                                     David ,Nathan, brothers
Fisk[e]                                     John, William, brothers
Fisk[e]                                     Phineas
Fiske                                        Ann, John
Fitch                                        Joseph
Fitch                                        Rev. James and Thomas his father
Fitz Randolph                         Edward
Fitzgerald                                John Fraunceis
Fitzhugh                                  Colonel William
Fleet                                        Colonel Henry
Fleming-Parsons                     Lt. Col. Tarlton|
Flournoy/Flournois                Jean Jacques
Folliot                                     Rev. Edward
Fones                                      Elizabeth, and her sister Martha
Fontaine                                  Francis
Fontaine                                 Mary Ann
Foote                                      Nathaniel
Forbes                                     Rev. John
Forrest                                    Thomas
Forsyth                                   Matthew
Foster                                     William
Fowker/Foulke                       Gerard, Sr.
Foxcroft                                  Francis
Francis                                    Tench
Frankland                                Charles Henry
Freehoff                                  Colonel William Francis
Freestone                                Elizabeth
Friedland                                 Diepold, Eberhard, Hubertus, brothers
Fulford                                    Mary
Gade                                       Gerhard
Gage                                       General Thomas
Gale                                        George
Gallatin                                   Abraham Alphonse Albert
Gallop/Gallup                         John
Gardiner                                 Lion, David, George
Gardyner                                Sir Christopher
Gascoigne                               Thomas
Gates                                      Sir Thomas
Gates                                      Stephen
Gayer                                     William
Gedney                                   John
Gerrard                                   Thomas
Gibbon                                    John
Gibbs                                       Robert
Giddings                                  Jane
Gilbert                                     John
Gilpin                                      John Bernard
Goddard                                  William
Goetchius                                Mauritius
Golding                                    Ephraim
Gooch                                      William
Goode                                      Richard
Goodwin                                 Daniel of Kittery, Maine
Gookin                                    Daniel
Gordon                                    Hugh McKay
Gordon                                    John
Gordon                                    Samuel
Gordon                                    Thomas
Gore                                        John
Gore                                        William Francis
Gorges                                     William, Robert, brothers
Gorham                                    Ralph, John
Gorsuch                                   Charles, Lovelace, Richard, Robert, brothers
Gorton                                     Gov. Samuel
Gosnold                                   Bartholomew, Anthony, brothers
Graevnraet                               Elizabeth
Graffenried                              Christopher Baron de
Grantham of Esk                     Robert James Stuart
Graves                                     Admiral Thomas
Gray                                        Henry, John, brothers
Green                                       Gov. Thomas
Green                                       Charles Valentine Joseph
Greene                                     Dr. John
Gregory                                   Henry
Gren                                        Axel Henry
Gresham                                  John
Gregson                                   Thomas
Griswold                                  Michael, Edward, Matthew
Grouchy                                   Emmanuel,  Marquis de
Gurdon                                     Muriel-wife of Richard Saltonstall
Gurrigues                                  Matthew
Gye                                          Mary
Haffenreffer                             Rudolph Fredrich
Haldane-Duncan                      George Alexander Philips Haldane
Hale                                          Robert
Hall                                          The Right Rev. Arthur Crawshay Alliston
Hallett                                      Ann-descendants
Hallowell                                  Thomas Jewett, Jr.
Halsey                                      Thomas
Hamilton                                  Harlan Bernhardt
Hancock                                   William, Richard, brothers
Hansbury                                 William
Hardenbergh                            Gerrit Janse
Hardwicke                               Alan Hyde Gardner
Harlakenden                            Roger, Mabel
Harris                                      John
Harris                                      Lyttleton Tazwell
Harrison                                  Burr
Harrison                                  Capt. Thomas
Harvey                                    William
Haviland                                  John
Hawarden                               Thomas
Hawes                                     Edmund
Hay                                         Col. Ann Hawkes
Haydock                                 Robert
Haynes                                   John
Head                                       Sir Edmund
Heathcote                               Caleb
Helme/Helmes/Elme/Elmes     Christopher
Helmershausen                       Henry Frederick
Henderson                              Branton Holstein
Henderson                              Thomas
Henshaw                                Joshua, Daniel, brothers
Herbert                                   Henry William
Herman                                   Augustine
Herndon                                  John Goodwin Ph. D
Herndon                                  William,father;  Edward, son
Hesilrigge                                Sir Robert
Heyman                                  Peter
Heyward                                 Thomas
Hicks                                       Mary, wife of Benjamin Browne
Higginson                                Rev. Francis
Hill                                          John
Hill                                          Robert of Stourport co. Worcester
Hilton/Hylton                         Ralph
Hobart                                     Edmund
Holstein                                  Alexander von
Hooke                                     Rev. Edward
Hooker                                   Anne
Hooker                                   Roland Mather
Hooker                                  Thomas
Hopkins                                 Joseph
Horsmanden                           Daniel, and Mary dau of William Horsmanden
Horton                                    Sarah
Houghton                               Maryken Hendricks
Houston                                 Sir Patrick
Howard                                  Francis
Howard                                  Matthew
Howard                                  Sir Henry
Howell                                    Edward, John
Howland                                 John
Huger                                      Daniel
Huidekoper                             Harm Jan
Hull                                         John
Hull                                         Rev. Joseph, George, brothers
Hume                                      George
Humfrey                                  Major General John
Humphrey                               John, Michael
Hunlock                                   John, Edward, brothers, Christopher 
Hunter                                     Duncan
Hurd                                        Jacob-descendants
Hutchinson                              Samuel, William, brothers
Hyde                                        Henry, Edward, brothers
Hyde                                        William
Innes                                       Charles Stuart
Innes                                       Robert Stuart
Ireland                                    Thomas Saxon
Iselin                                       Isaac
Isham                                      Henry
Jacobs                                     Charles Juan Stephen Richard
Jacquet                                    Jean Paul
Jaffray                                    Archie Ransom
Jeffray                                    William
Jeffries                                    David
Johnson                                  Capt. Edward
Johnson                                  Charles Isaac, MD
Johnson                                  Joseph-descendants
Johnson                                  Sir Nathaniel
Johnson                                  Sir William, Baronet
Johnstone                               Dr. John
Jones                                      Capt. Peter, I
Jones                                      William
Josselyn                                  Sir Thomas
Keith of Ludquhairn                Sir William
Kelker                                      Henry
Kennedy                                  Archibald
Kennedy                                  John Fitzgerald
Kennedy                                  William
Kenyon                                    Roger
Keyser                                     Dirck
King                                         James
King                                         William
Kingsbury                                William
Kinkaid                                    John
Kinsolving                               James
Kip                                          Hendrick Hendrickson
Knauth                                    Franz Theodor
Korffman                                Johann Daniel
Korffmann/Curfman                Johan Conrad
Kyle                                         Joseph
Labadie                                   Pierre
Lafayette                                Marie Jean Paul Roch Yves Gilbert  Motier, Mar. de Lafayette
Lake                                        John, Thomas, brothers
Lane                                        Captain Ralph Lane
Langworthy                            Andrew
Lanyon                                    Edward Arthur
Latane                                     Louis
Latham                                    Frances
Lathrop                                   Lieutenant Mitchell Lee
Laux                                        John Peter
Lawrence                                Anne, Jane, dau. of John Lawrence
Lawrence                                Thomas, William, Jane, Mary
Lea/Leigh                                John
Leaper                                    Percy Faraday
Lechmere                                Thomas
Lee                                          Col. Richard
Leeds                                      Thomas
Leete                                       Gov. William
Legge                                      Christopher Augustus Sackville
Leigh                                       Peter
Leonard                                  James
Lewis                                     Thomas
Ligon/Lygon                          Colonel Thomas
Lindesay                                Archibald Lionel
Lindsay                                  Rev. David
Linker                                     Eduard
Linkletter                               George Onderdonk
Lippitt                                    Alfred Joseph George
Lisle                                        Alice
Lisle                                        Bridget, wife of Rev. Leonard Hoar
Littleton                                  Colonel Nathaniel
Livingston                               Robert
Lloyd                                      Thomas
Lobel                                       Mary
Loomis                                    Joseph
Lord                                        Thomas
Lovecraft                                Joseph
Lovelace                                 Francis, and sister Anne
Lowe                                      Nicholas
Lowell                                    Percival
Lowndes                                 Charles
Lucas                                      Auguste
Lucas                                      John
Ludlow                                   Roger
Ludman von Hadusfalva        Gabor
Lyddall                                   Colonel George
Lyman                                    Richard
Lynde                                     Simon
Lyster                                    Armstrong, and Rev. William Narcissus
Mackarty                               Thaddeus
Mackenzie                              Mary, dau of George m 4th and  last Henry Middleton
Mackworth                             Arthur
MacLean                                Norman Campbell
MacLean of Kingairloch         Robert Culter
Mallet                                     John
Mallory                                   Rev. Philip, and nephews Roger and  Thomas
Mandeville                              Ghrietje
Mann                                       Dr. William Marion
Manning                                  Phoebe, Henry
Manningham                           Henry and sister Mary
Manwaring                             Oliver
Mapes                                     John
Marbury                                 Anne, Katherine
Marshall                                  Elizabeth
Marshall von Bieberstein       Baron Wilhelm
Mascarene                              Major Jean Paul
Mason                                    John
Master                                    Giles
Maunsell                                 John, Richard, Daniel, Joseph
Mayhew                                  Gov. Thomas
McBain of McBain                  Hughston Maynard
McCaffrey                               John H.-descendants of
McClain                                   Peter, of Egg Harborm NJ, descendants
McGee                                    Patrick-descendants
Meigs                                      Vincent
Mercer                                    Thomas
Merrill                                     Nathaniel
Metcalf[e]                               Michael
Mildmay                                 William
Millet                                      Thomas
Minor                                      Lieutenant Thomas
Mitchell                                  quartering of the arms of Robert G. Cooke
Mixson                                    John Leslie
Montague                                Richard, Peter
Montejoye                               Louise, Bartoness, wife of Joseph Cooke, Esq.
Montgomery                           Major General Richard
Moody                                    John
Moody                                    Sir Henry
Morgan                                   Morgan
Moriarity                                George Andrews, Jr.
Morris                                     John Anthony Grant
Morris                                     Lewis
Morrison                                 Richard, Francis, Robert, brothers
Moseley                                  John
Moseley                                  William
Mott                                        Adam
Mott                                        Dorothy
Mullery                                   Charles Waldorf
Murray                                    James
Murray                                    John
Nanfan                                    John
Napier                                     Dr. Patrick
Nell                                         Louis Maximilian
Nelson                                    John
Nelson                                    Thomas
Nevius                                    Joannes
Newbold                                 Michael
Newton                                   Ellen, wife of Edward Carleton
Nichols/Nicholson                  Francis
Nicoll                                      Matthias
Nightingale                             Lionel Brydges
Nisbet                                    Sir Alexander
Norris                                     Robert
Norton                                    Lieutenant Colonel Walter, and  nephew Thomas
Norton                                    Rev. John
Norwood                                Richard
Norwood                                William
Noyes                                     Emily Caroline widow of John Arent Vanderpoel
Noyes                                     James Atkins
Noyes                                     Nicholas
Nuthall                                   John
O’Brien                                    Catharine, Baroness, wife of Edward Hyde
Odingselle                               Thomas
Offley                                      Sara
Oglethorpe                              General James Edward
O’Grady                                  Bolton Waller, George John, John de Courcy, others, of Limerick
Oliver                                      Nicholas B.
Olyphant                                 David
Ormsby                                   John
Orr                                           John
Owings                                    Joshua-descendants of
Owsley                                    Capt. Thomas
Oxenbridge                              Rev. John
Paddock                                  Edwin Lovelace
Palgrave                                  Dr. Richard
Palmer                                    Thomas
Palmes                                    Edward
Parry                                       John J.
Parsons                                   Joseph
Pastorius                                 Francis Daniel
Payne                                      William
Peck                                        Joseph, Robert
Pelham                                    Herbert
Pell                                         John
Pellew                                     Henry Edward
Pelot                                       Jonas
Pemberton                              Ralph
Pendleton                               Philip
Penhallow                              Samuel
Penn                                       William
Pennington                             Edward
Peperell                                  William
Percy                                      George
Perkins                                   Edmund
Perkins                                   William
Perrott                                    Richard I
Petton                                    Major Robert
Peyton                                    Henry
Peyton                                    Major Robert
Phelps                                    Anthony William Cooper
Phippen                                  David
Phipps                                    Sir William
Picolet                                    Jules Emanuel Arthur
Pillsbury                                 George Alfred-descendants of
Plumb                                     John
Plumb                                     Robert
Plumsted                                Clement
Poindexter                              George
Pole                                        William
Poole                                      Frederick Arthur, Jr.
Poole                                       Henry
Popham                                  George
Porter                                      John
Potier de la Morandiere         Henri Alain Gabriel
Pownall                                   Thomas
Pratt                                        Lester Amos
Prescott                                   John
Price                                        Joan, wife of George Cleeve
Prince                                      Elder John
Pronay                                    Andrew
Purefoy                                   Thomas
Putnam                                   John
Pynchon                                  Colonel William
Pyne                                       Thomas
Quarles                                   William
Rainsborough                          Colonel William
Rainsford/Raynsford              Edward
Ramsden                                 Charles Hamilton
Ranc                                        John Philip
Randolph                                 Colonel William
Randolph                                 Henry
Rapalje                                    Joris Janse
Rawson                                   Edward Stephen
Raymond                                 John
Reade                                      Colonel George
Reade                                      Thomas, sisters Margaret, Martha, Elizabeth                                  
Reichel                                    Rt. Rev. Karl Gotthold
Rembert                                  Andre
Remington                               John
Remy                                      Jacques de la /Janes
Reynolds                                Christopher
Rhoades                                  Henry
Richards                                 Thomas
Richmond                               John
Robinson                                Christopher
Robinson                                Douglas
Rockwell                                Charles Bristed
Rockwell                                Francis Williams
Rodes                                     Charles
Rodney                                   William
Rogers                                    Edwin George
Rome                                     George
Roosa/Roose                         Albert Hymanse/Heymansen
Ross                                       Rev. George, 5th Laird of Ross
Rowe                                      John, Jacob, brothers
Ruggles                                  George and John
Ruggles                                  Thomas
Russell                                   Hon. George
Russell                                   James-descendants
Russell                                   Richard
Rutherford                             Walter
Saffin                                      John
Saltonstall                               Nathaniel
Saltonstall                               Sir Richard
Sandelands                              James
Sanders                                   George, Christopher, brothers
Sandoz                                    Charles Edouard
Sandys                                    Sir Edwin 
Sandys                                    James
Sanford                                   John, Robert
Sargent                                    William
Savage                                     Capt. Anthony
Savage                                    Thomas
Scarborough                            Edmund
Scarburgh/Scarborough           Thomas
Schlegel                                   Christoph Freidrich
Schuyler                                  David Pietersz, Philip Pietersz, brothers
Scorr                                        Richard
Scot                                         Eupham
Scott                                        John
Scott                                        Richard
Sears                                        Richard
Segar                                        John
Segur                                       Claude Nicholas Louis Vicompte de
Seton                                       William
Sewall                                     Henry
Seymour (Semer)                    Richard
Shapleigh                               Alfred Lee
Sharpless                               John
Sheafe                                    Elizabeth
Sheafe                                    Margaret
Sheddon                                William Ralston, Robert
Sheehan                                 Michael
Sheppard                                Harper Donelson
Sherman                                 Edmond, Richard, Mary, Samuel, Philip, cousin Capt. John
Sherman                                Samuel, Philip, John (cousins to Edmond)
Shipman                                 Edward
Shirley                                   William
Siemers                                  Maria Auguste
Sinclair                                   John Sutherland
Skinner                                   Rev. William MacGregor
Skipwith                                 Sir Grey, Baronet
Slocum                                   Anthony
Smith                                     Capt. John
Smith                                     Joseph
Smith                                     Judge William
Smith                                     Landgrave Thomas
Smith                                     Lawrence
Smith                                     Richard
Smith                                     William
Snelling                                  William
Southworth                           Constant, Thomas, brothers
Southworth                           Edward, Constant
Spelman                                 Henry
Spencer                                  Colonel Nicholas
Spencer                                  Gerard
Spotswood                             Alexander
Sprigg                                     Thomas
Springer                                  Carl Christophersson
Springer                                  Charles
Spruyt                                     Agatha Jang
St. John                                   Elizabeth, wife of Rev. Samuel Whiting
St. John                                   Lady Elizabeth
Stacy                                       Mahlon
Standish                                  Capt. Myles
Stearns                                    Isaac
Stebbins                                  Edward
Stecher                                    Dr. Robert
Steele                                      James
Stelle                                       Poncer
Stepanek                                 Josef
Sterling                                    John
Steuben                                   Friedrich
Stewart                                   Duncan
Stileman                                 Elias, and nephew Richard
Stith                                        Major John
Stockman                               John
Stockton                                 Richard
Stoddard                                Anthony
Stone                                      Gov. William
Stone                                      Simon
Storm Van s’Gravesande       Jonkheers Willem Frederick, Ewoud, Hendrik, brothers
Stoughton                               Rose, Nicholas
Strachey                                 William
Stratton                                  Joseph
Strong                                     Eleanor|
Strong                                     John
Stuart                                      Lady Christina
Stuart-Menteth                       Captain Thomas Loughan
Sturgis                                     Edward
Stuyvesant                              Peter|
Swenceski                               Bolis Constantin
Symonds                                 Lt. Gov. Samuel
Synnott                                   Martin
Talbot                                      Peter
Talbot of Carten                      Sir William
Talcott                                     John
Talmadege                               Thomas
Tamaska de Baranch               Captain Endre Zoltan
Taylor                                     Myron Charles
Terrill                                      Richard
Thacher                                   Antony
Thasher                                    Peter
Thomas                                    Philip
Thompson                               Benjamin, Count Rumford
Thorndike                                John, Paul
Thorold                                   William
Thorowgood                           Adam
Throckmorton                         John
Throckmorton                         Robert
Throop                                    William
Thurman                                  John, Sr.
Tilden                                      Nathaniel
Tilghman                                  Richard
Tilley                                      Milton Popple
Tilton                                      Arthur van Riper
Timpson                                  Thomas
Tinsley                                    Thomas
Titcomb                                  Gilbert Merrill
Tooke                                      James
Toomey                                   Patrick Joseph
Touteville                                Margaret
Townley                                  Colonel Richard
Townley                                  Mary
Townshead                             Frances
Trafford                                  William
Traill                                       Robert
Trapp                                      Baron George
Trollope                                  Thomas Anthony
Trowbridge                             James
Trowbridge                             Thomas
Tuttle                                      Joan
Tyler                                       Andrew, William, brothers, descendants of
Tyron                                      William
Underhill                                 Capt. John, cousin Capt. Humphrey
Updike                                     Gysbert
Urquhart of Braelangwell        Donald Wilkins
Urquhart of that Ilk                 Wilkins Fish
van Der Donk                          Adriaen
van Gaasbeeck                        Domine Laurentis
van Hoeck                              Arent Isaacson
van Leer                                 John George
van Ness                                Cornelis Hendriceks
Van Nest                                Pieter Pietersen
van Rensselaer                       Kiliaen
van Slichtenhorst                   Brant Aertz
van Vleck                               Tielman
van Vliet                                Adrian Gerretsen
van Voorehees                       Steven Coerte
van Wenckum                        Aeltje
van Westervelt                      Lubbert Lubbertson
Vanbrugh                               Johannes Pieterse
vander Burchgraeff                Maryken Hendricks
Vane                                       Sir Henry, Jr.
Vanneck                                 John Torrance
VarletVaeleth                         Caspar
Vassall                                    William
Vernon                                    Daniel
Vincent                                   Charles Ridgely
von Blanckensee                     Hans Arthur
von Coreth zu Coredo            Count Ernst Ignaz Franz Seraph Camill
von Hohenzollern                    Viktoria Marina
von Kalterborn                        Rudolph Freiherr von Kaltenborn-Stachau
von Lang                                 Gottfried Johann Maximillan Ernst,  Baron von Lang
von Mering                              Otto
von Pabst                                 Ralph Wolf
von Rieben                              Henning Alfred Patrick Hubertus
von Saltza                               Philip, Grefve von Saltza
von Volborth                           Carl Alexander
Waddell                                  Captain John
Wade                                      Jonathan
Wagner                                   Albert Charles
Wainwright                             Francis
Walker                                    Robert Warren
Wallace                                   James
Waller                                     John
Ward                                       Andrew
Ward                                       George Ernest
Warde                                     Augustus Walter Francis
Wardwell                                 William
Waring                                    Thomas
Waring                                    Sampson
Warren                                    Thomas
Washbourne                           John
Washington                            John
Washington                            Lawrence
Watson                                   Harold Francis
Webb                                      Alexander Jr.
Welby                                     Marianne
Welby                                     Olive
Weld                                       Rev. Thomas, Capt. Joseph, Daniel
Weld                                       Arthur Thomas
Wenger                                   Christian
Wentworth                             Mary
Wentworth                             William
Wesselhoeft                            Dr. Wilhelm
West                                       Gov. John
West                                       Sir Thomas, and brother Francis
Wetmore                                John Jay White-descendants of
Whalley                                  Edward
Wharton                                  Richard
Whitaker                                 Robert
White                                      Col. Thomas
White                                      John Jay-descendants
Whitehead                               Richard
Whitfield                                 Rev. Henry
Whiting                                   William, Catherine
Whitney                                  John
Whittaker                                John
Wilder                                     Thomas
Wilkes                                     Israel
Wilkinson                                The Rev. William
Williams                                  Jonathan, Isaac, brothers
Williams                                  William
Williard                                   Simon
Willoughby                             Francis
Willys                                     Henry
Wilson                                    Harold
Wilson                                    Rev. John
Wingfield                                Edward Maria
Winslow                                  Edward, Gilbert, John, Kenelm
Winslow                                  Lorenzo S.
Winthrop                                 Gov. John
Wodehouse                             James Hay
Wolcott                                   Henry
Wolseley                                 Ann
Wolseley                                 Robert Warren St. John
Woodhouse                             Sir Henry
Woodhull                                Richard
Wotring/Vautrin                     Abraham
Wotring                                  Samuel 
Wreford                                  William, John sons of Matthew Wreford
Wright                                     Peter
Wright                                     Sir James
Wust                                       Hans Frederich-descendants of
Wyatt                                      Margaret, wife of Matthew Alleyn
Wyatt                                      Sir Francis and his brother Haute Wyatt , wife Margaret
Wyllys                                     George, William
Yale                                         David, Thomas, brothers
Yates                                       George
Yeamans/Yeomans                  Sir John
Yeardley                                 Sir George
Yeats                                      Colonel William Harvey
Yeats                                       John
Zeng                                        Baron Frederick Augustus
Zinzendorf und Pottendorf    Nikolaus Ludwig Graf von
Zollikofer von Altenklingen    Baron Jacob Christopher
Zouch                                      Sir John

Arms Approved by:


1) the OAAA    


2) Committee on Heraldry  of the New England Historic  and Genealogical Society.

CHR1 -Roll 1 dated April 1928


CHR2 -Roll 2 dated July 1932


CHR3 -Roll 3 dated         1936


CHR4 -Roll 4 dated         1940


CHR5 -Roll 5 dated         1946


CHR6 -Roll 6 dated Nov  1952


CHR7 -Roll 7 dated          1958


CHR8 -Roll 8 dated          1972


CHR9 -Roll 9 dated          1980


CHR10-Roll 10 dated Oct 1991  Pub. Reg.